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Customer Management Systems is an outsourced Business Development Center.  We offer Phone Training and Follow-up Services to the automotive industry. Customer Management Systems is committed to improving the automotive customer experience and customer/dealer relationship by raising the standard for follow up services and phone skills through improved customer/dealer communications.  Click here to View Our Press Release!

 Every team is trying to make it into the "sweet 16".  Get your team in now!!  CMS "Sweet 16" our 16 week Phone Training program.

"Are your salespeople converting your phone-ups to appointments?"

 Let the CMS "Sweet 16" program go to work for  your dealership today!

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"They visited the dealership for a reason. They also drove off for a reason."

Let us tell you the real reason why.  Put our follow-up services to work for you today!

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"I want to congratulate CMS for the fine work you do. Ours is truly a Cinderella Story with our Honda store(s) going from worst to first in C.S.E. ..."

Brian Benstock - GM
"Although our sales staff does an adequate job of follow ups, the addition of CMS has been an overwhelming value. The CMS staff can get results that at times our sales staff can't. ..."

Tommy Norris - Dealer